Fall Aurora Drive Adventure
A Guided Round Trip Journey By Land Across The Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Circle Aurora Drive provides an opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle by day and spend the evening looking for the Aurora Borealis.  

Note* Due to the schedule of the  Fall Aurora Drive Adventure this Tour would only be available for passengers on our Aug 9,16,23,30  and Sept 6 sailings.

Schedule: Operates:
Daily August 21 – September 20

Hotel transfer pick-up  9:15 am
Check-in at Terminal:  9:30 am 
Depart Fairbanks: 10:00 am and return between 1:00 am and 2:00 am

Homestead Aurora available as an extension of your Tour. ( See Below )
(2 persons minimum)

Includes: Tour, Extra Night Hotel at the Westmark, all transfers.
Meals not included unless specified in Tour.

Tour operates as independent tour

Call for prices:

Tour Summary:

  • Ground tour north from Fairbanks in the personalized comfort of our tour vehicles. 
  • Learn the story of Alaska's Arctic both while traveling in the van and at the various stops along the way. 
  • View the remarkable Trans Alaska Pipeline. 
  • Travel the rugged Dalton Highway made famous by the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. 
  • Witness firsthand the remarkable wilderness scenery blanketed in snow. 
  • Traverse the mighty Yukon River. 
  • Cross the Arctic Circle in ceremonious fashion and receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate. 
  • On the return journey your guide will make one or two stops along the road to scan the northern sky for the aurora. 
  • Departs 10:00 am; returns between midnight and 1:00 am. 



1:00 pm Depart Fairbanks by air. Due to rapid changing weather conditions in Alaska’s Arctic it is not unusual for flight times to be delayed from 15 minutes to over an hour. 
2:15 pm Arrive Coldfoot, 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle. 
3-4 pm Depart Coldfoot on guided ground tour. 
Arctic Circle. Outhouse restroom facilities available. 
8:00 pm Arrive Yukon River. Outhouse restroom facilities available. 
Dinner on your own. Meals available for purchase at the Yukon River. 
Arctic Circle Trading Post. Outhouse restroom facilities available. 
Approx 1:00 am - Arrive Fairbanks 
Return Shuttle: Return shuttle to your Fairbanks -based hotel is part of your tour package

with Homestead Aurora add-on

Call for Prices:

ADD HOMESTEAD AURORA to the Fall Arctic Circle Aurora Drive. Stay out later on your Arctic Circle Fall Aurora Drive during the time right before and after Solar Midnight. This is the time the scientists have identified as the most active in Alaska. As your Arctic Circle Fall Aurora Drive returns to Fairbanks there is a stop at approximately 11:00 PM in Joy, Alaska at the Arctic Circle Trading Post.  There guests who have added the Homestead Aurora will meet their new guide who will share more information on life in Alaska's Arctic while you scan the darkened sky for the Aurora Borealis.

10:00 am Depart Fairbanks on guided ground tour.
Outhouse restroom facilities available.
Approx 6:00 pm Arctic Circle. Outhouse restroom facilities available.
Outhouse restroom facilities available.
Approx 11:00 pm Arctic Circle Trading Post. Outhouse restroom facilities available. Scan the skies for the Northern Lights with a guide.
Approx. 3:30 am- Arrive Fairbanks 4:30 am

Return Shuttle: Return shuttles to your Fairbanks -based hotel  is part of your tour.
The above is only intended to provide an approximate tour itinerary. The exact schedule of each tour varies day-to-day and is dictated by the interests of the group and unique events of the day not by a rigid pre-set itinerary.

It is important that travelers with Northern Alaska Tour Company understand that Alaska's Arctic is a truly remote wilderness region. Traveling through vast wilderness stretches requires adequate time and preparation. Weather or mechanical factors, albeit infrequent, can result in multi-hour delays. Medical facilities are limited. Limited communication and transportation infrastructure inherently cause evacuation for illness or other emergency situations to take, at the very best, several hours to conduct. For this reason, travelers to this region should be of reasonable health


Northern Alaska Tour Company strives to provide a personalized touring experience. Touring is done in small groups utilizing a 25-passenger tour coach. Occasionally, a 10-passenger van is used for smaller groups or special circumstances. The flight portion of the tour is typically conducted in 8-passenger to 19-passenger twin-engine aircraft.

Northern Alaska Tour Company strives to provide a personalized touring experience. Touring is done in small groups utilizing a 25-passenger tour coach. Occasionally, a 10-passenger van is used for smaller groups or special circumstances. The flight portion of the tour is typically conducted in 8-passenger to 19-passenger twin-engine aircraft.

Northern Alaska Tour Company guides are highly-trained Alaskans who are able to share their unique understanding of Alaska with you based on their personal experiences. We are confident that you will find the level of service provided by your guide to be as high or higher than you have ever before experienced.
In the event the vehicle is not equipped with a restroom, frequent rest stops are made along the tour route. The longest time period between stops is approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The inside of the vehicle is maintained as a smoke-free environment. There are numerous opportunities to smoke outside the vehicle throughout the day.

Guest safety is our foremost priority. Guides are licensed to operate commercial vehicles. Tour vehicles are CB radio and satellite phone equipped. Weather conditions always dictate safe flight altitude. At times it is necessary to fly above cloud cover, thus reducing or even eliminating aerial visibility.

Gratuities Policy: As with other service industries tips are not required but are used to reward guides for a job well done. Standard tip amounts for a tour range from $10.00-$20.00+ per guest for excellent service.

PLEASE NOTE: Guest safety always takes precedence over convenience. On rare occasions, weather or other uncontrollable circumstances may require alteration/cancellation of a portion or all of the scheduled tour itinerary.

Dress for comfort, not to impress. You will spend time in a heated vehicles as well as outside in arctic winter conditions. . Bring warm winter weight boots, winter jacket, cap, scarf, and gloves or mittens. It is advisable to have outer layers that provide some measure of wind resistance. Other recommended layers include long underwear, warm socks, and warm pants. Wool, fleece, pile, and synthetic fabrics are also recommended.

At the time of reservation, please provide correctly spelled first and last names of each person in the party. Each name provided will appear on an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate.

The tour price includes guided ground tour, and air transportation. Dinner is NOT included in the tour price. Guests may bring their own evening meal or purchase a meal at the Yukon River. Options to select from include cheeseburgers, chicken caprese, grilled salmon, halibut and steak.

The tour is typically 12 1/2 to 13 1/2 hours in length. Approximately 7 hours are spent in the tour vehicle, 1 hour is spent in the aircraft. The remaining time is spent exploring the sights. The tour departs Fairbanks by air at 1:00 pm and returns by ground approximately between 1:00 am and 2:00 am. Due to rapidly changing weather conditions in Alaska’s Arctic it is not unusual for afternoon flight departure time to be delayed from 15 minutes to over an hour. Guest safety is our foremost priority and potential delays are simply an unavoidable aspect of flying in Alaska’s Arctic.

Seating configuration in the tour vans is three guests per bench seat, and one guest up front. Guest seating is rotated throughout the tour. Thus, each guest is provided with a variety of different viewing perspectives and the opportunity to interact with others on the tour.

Optional Tour:
Enjoy a lengthened evening at Joy, Alaska for a unique homestead cabin visit as you scan the sky for Northern Lights. Visit includes complimentary hot beverages. Begins during return trip approximately 11:00 pm and returns between 3:30-4:30 am.