When is the BEST time to visit Alaska?
Experienced travelers recommend mid May thru end of June, and here’s why...

For almost 50 years our records, and comments from tens of thousands of happy satisfied travelers indicate that the very best experiences occur in May and June as presented by our passengers postcards and photos. Most people are not aware that coastal Alaska is rain forest. Since most of your trip (10 days) will be along the coast, you should be aware that May and June have the least amount of rain to obscure the breathtaking views of the mountains or to interfere with your sightseeing. July and August have 33% more rain on average. Temperatures in May and mid June are only 5 to 6 degrees cooler than July and early August. Keep in mind that as you travel northward, the days grow noticeably longer, and more sun means warmer weather.

During May and June the animals graze in the lowland on the coast because the mountaintops are still covered with snow. As that snow melts, clouds form to obscure your beautiful views and the wildlife begin to move up the mountains to graze. Also, sightings of seals and whales are at their peak in early spring. Seals are bearing their new pups and whales are feeding and migrating, so your chances of seeing them are much greater. Beautiful mountain views and
more animal sightings will help make your experience even more fantastic.

Spring is the best time to see the snow-capped peaks. Melting snow forms clouds which obscure your view of the majestic, snow covered mountains, the most stunning of all is America’s tallest peak Mt. McKinley. In fact, because of the better weather, nearly all mountain-climber attempts to scale Mt. McKinley are made in May or early June. Only one third of travelers get a good view of Mt. McKinley due to weather, but your chances of seeing it are much better in May and June.

You absolutely receive the BEST VALUE in the SPRINGTIME! Savings can run as much as $2,500 per cabin over peak season departures! Higher pricing in July and early August has nothing to do with weather, but rather families who travel with children while they are not in school, consequently the demand and the pricing is higher. Lower Springtime pricing gives you the same thrilling experience – and with better weather for more enjoyment! However, no matter when you visit Alaska, you will enjoy an incredible experience. But, if your schedule will allow it, normally the best weather and certainly the best value by far is mid May through June.

Although May and June offer advantages, we offer excellent July, August and September departures for those who may not be able to travel in the earlier months. July offers the most hours of sunlight, same as the month of June. Our August departures offer the best opportunities to see the spectacular Northern Lights. The Arctic Circle Aurora Drive Adventure Tour provides an opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle by day and spend the evening looking for the Aurora Borealis. The bottom line is that anytime you can travel, Alaska remains one of the safest and most spectacular destinations in the world!