Very Best Full Customized 14/15 Day Alaska Cruise and Land Tour Packages – The 2024 Alaskan Experience

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Book Your Alaska Cruise Tour Early

Discover Alaska Cruise and Land Tour Don’t Miss Out -It’s To Your Advantage to BOOK EARLY

  • Booking Early assures you of the best selection of cabins on the ship. Many categories begin to sell out by Fall for travel the following year. You may think January is booking early, but you may not be able to have the category cabin you desire if you wait that long.
  • Booking Early Booking Early allows you to review and book your optional sightseeing excursions. Many popular excursions sell out even before the ship departs. Don’t wait – the excursion you know you want to take should be booked as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


  • Booking Early locks in the LOWEST prices of the season. Cruise Lines frequently raise their pricing as they begin to sell out a departure. Your price is guaranteed as soon as you place a full deposit on your cruise. Discover Alaska guarantees that price, and in the unlikely occasion of cruise line prices being lowered, we will pass that savings on to you. Take advantage of any early booking Incentives.
  • Booking Early allows you to have the best selection of air connections and to avoid tiring overnight flights.