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Shore Excursions Disability Information

Shore Excursions Disability Information - Booking and Confirmation - Voucher

Guests Using a Wheelchair or Other Mobility Aid Device
I have a disability. How do I know which tours will best suit me? The tours are graded according to the relative level of activity they entail. The activity icons that appear at the beginning of each tour description provide a general idea of the level of activity to expect. Please see page 2 for specific information or speak to an EXC Tours specialist (1.888.425.9376). It is important to keep in mind that tour operators are subject to the laws of their own country with respect to accommodating the needs of guests with disabilities. In most foreign countries, the laws are not as stringent as those in the United States. Will I encounter difficulties (dis)embarking the ship when it’s in port? Please see the on-board EXC Desk to help determine whether you can expect to encounter difficulties (dis)embarking the ship in a particular port of call. The decision whether or not to carry or provide other mobility assistance to a guest and their device (wheelchair, walker, etc.) up or down a ship’s gangway, or on or off a tender boat, is at the sole discretion of the Captain, made based on his evaluation of guest and crew safety. We encourage you to bring a collapsible wheelchair as space limitations may restrict the ability of some tour operators to accommodate motorized mobility aid devices.

EXC Tours™ Booking & Confirmation
Online Reservations The fastest and easiest way for you to reserve and pay for your Signature Collection experience is online at Please note the cost will be per mode of transportation (not per person), so only one person in the party needs to make the reservation.
The price shown on the website is the total cost for the transportation, driver and guide (not a per-person price). In many ports, availability is extremely limited. We encourage you to reserve as early as possible.

Payment & Tour Vouchers
Your credit card will be charged after your reservation is confirmed. Next, start planning what you’ll do with your Signature Collection experience in each port.

NOTE: On board the ship, you will be given a tour voucher and a form to advise the EXC Desk of the itinerary you have chosen. Disembarking the Ship In some disembarkation ports, a private vehicle, driver and guide can be used for sightseeing en route to the airport. When booking, please advise the amount of luggage for your party. Vehicle size and luggage space may limit the number of guests in the vehicle